An educated girl is an educated community

Welcome to Go Girl Ghana

Ghana is a beautiful country with wonderful people. However the position that girls hold in the community does not reflect their talents despite their huge potential.
Go Girl Ghana believes the key to unlock this potential is education. So we want change society’s minds about the value of girls in their community and to inspire girls to believe in themselves to be educated to create a better future for themselves and their communities.
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The aim of Go Girl Ghana is to improve the equality and education of girls at a district level. We work with the entire community to foster a collaborative response with the aim of being sustainable and effective.

In the time that GGG is active in the Awutu-Senya district, we have created community-based projects that respond directly to the root of the issue. As our goal is to achieve long term, sustainable change, we will educate, facilitate and inspire not only girls but the community as a whole. Ultimately we want to enable girls to let their voices be heard and to be educated so they are better prepared to take care of themselves and their family, consequently contributing to an improved quality of life within their society.

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