Your donation will support Go Girl Ghana in their work to improve equality for girls and improve girl education.

Easy, clear donating

We have set up a system that you can either donate to the foundation in general or per project so you have a say on how we spend your money. Through our newsletter you can follow what our organisation is working on and how your support is helping the girls of our 10 communities.

Donate to Go Girl Ghana and get an Adinkra sign for either Female Beauty (Duafe) or Strength (Dwennimmen) as a gift to show our appreciation for your support.

Donation options

Support Go Girl Ghana

If you believe in our mission and want to support our organisation as a whole, please donate here.

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Support Go Girl Groups

This donation will go directly to our Go Girl Groups which works on the empowerment of girls so they feel confident to let their voices be heard and make educated life decisions.

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Support Community building

Without the support of the whole community, girls will not get the sustainable change they deserve. Donating here will help empower the communities to take ownership of the issue.

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Back to school packs for girls

There are girls who get support from their parents and are extremely talented but do not have the means to go to school. You can support them directly by a funding a back-to-school-pack. This includes a uniform, a pair of shoes, a bag, school books and stationary.

€ 62,50

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Other ways you can help

You can be part of the movement. You can donate your time, your expertise or your money. Time, by coming to Ghana and sharing your talent, traid or knowledge to build the capacity of our local teams and get right into it. Expertise, if you don’t have the chance to come over, you can help by passing your knowledge on to the team in advisory level, writing guides or stories that we can share there.

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Share our story

When you believe in us, the easiest thing everyone can do is to share our story with the world and become part of our movement. Please find and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter via below links.

Whichever help you choose to give us, it is much appreciated!