Back to school!

This week is a very big week for us. Go Girl Ghana is helping with pushing 50 of our girls back to school. 40 girls back to primary education, 10 girls back to senior high school. Most of the girls have dropped out due to teen pregnancy but we also have girls that dropped out much younger for other reasons, sometimes they are even illiterate. All the girls are very eager to go back to school and have the support of their parents or guardians. Both were a condition in our selection but the support is the essence of what GGG is after. Because we can send a girl to school but without the support from their home, it will be very difficult for them to succeed. So we talk with all the parents and guardians, see what they can bring to the table and where GGG can fill the gaps. We then together make all the arrangements necessary and create a plan on how we make sure they stay in school. We are very proud of the team who has made this all happen but we are even more proud of all the parents who see the importance of education and work with us to get their girls back to school. Go Girl Ghana!